To Be Circular

What does it mean to be circular? It is whole, complete; stable yet dynamic; always in motion.  And what of a triangle? The flat base creates stability or tension depending on orientation. Triangles are also pointy, leading us toward a particular direction, dictating where we move. Size and angle of the triangle defines the pace of our journey. What do shapes signify to you?

Break Free

Freddy Mercury inspires: "I want to break free."  Break free from the trappings of society’s imposed limitations on freedom.  What does it matter to anyone anyway?  Open up. Express yourself.  We’re afraid of it.  Afraid of the capacity that is inside of us. Instead we attempt to control in others' lives what we cannot express in ourselves. 

Why is it human nature to require a feeling of superiority to feel alive?  Why isn’t the focus spent on helping others be the absolute best they can be?  The most passionate of us all, those who live life fully and unconfined suffer the most. I believe it is because in the suffering we feel most alive.

I feel alive. And the world it’s turning inside out. I’m floating around in ecstasy. So don’t stop me now.
— Queen