Jen considers herself a perpetual student of the human body. She has studied yoga, figurative sculpture, design, Polarity Therapy and Pilates. Her specific interest is in the body's natural and amazing potential to achieve balance through growth, change, and adaptation.


Jen aims to help you "embody your body," awakening and enlivening your connection to yourself and your environment. Her teaching speaks to the body as a container for our physical structure, our varied systems, our cells and ourselves. On paper, in clay, in words Jen creates these bodily containers, and organizes them into the space they inhabit.

With a unique understanding of the human body both anatomically and energetically, Jen questions the solidity of the body's container walls. Where does the body begin? Where does it end? Through her direction, the container walls feel less like barriers, and instead become porous, malleable; much like the inner workings of the body itself. The boundaries between the self and the other begin to dissolve.

As a teacher, Jen is caring, gentle, encouraging, while consistently challenging you to fulfill your potential. Her hope is that you will find through Pilates and yoga not only strength and stability but the ease to move your body unconsciously with grace.

Jen grew up in Portland. She holds a BA in Studio Art from American University with a sculpture major and English Literature minor, as well as a BFA in Graphic Design from Maine College of Art. She has been a certified yoga teacher since 2004, became a Power Pilates instructor in 2008, and has been a student of classical Pilates since 1997. She graduated from The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO in 2013 where she trained under Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel. Most recently she has added two Yin Yoga and Meditation Certifications. In April 2018 she will add Pranayama training.