Little Toe Mound

Bring awareness to the little toe mound side of the foot. Mine has difficulty finding a connection to the earth. When I use it I find:

greater strength up the outer line of the leg all the way up to the hip
better alignment of the knee
release of the hip flexor
better hamstring connection

When I find the little toe mound I realize how much I am:

collapsing the inner knee and pulling thigh into internal rotation
flattening the outer ankle
torquing the knee instead of opening the hip

Pigeon prep pose
Apply firm pressure to entire outer edge of front foot. Spider grip hands in widened stance outside edges of the mat. Baby push ups keeping the chest open help to find juicy release in hips. Femur bone is pulled to the back of the pelvis creating space at front of the pelvis. 

Baddha Konasana
Press bottom edges of feet together

Ardha Padmasana
Curl forward until belly hollows and hip flexors release. Hands to floor and lift hips on exhale. Hold up to 10 breaths. 

Standing poses
Press into little toe mound while pulling outer hip back and under