I am struck by geometry and the grid shapes are arranged into, especially in architecture. Looking at aerial views of city blocks based on a grid pattern, I wonder, if we are organized into a grid physically, how does this affect us mentally? Buildings are a collection of separate pieces fit together neatly into a large rectangle (double squares), which create a harmony and balance inside the composition. Does this repetitive vision create harmony and balance in the mind? Are we, like the grids we create, individual expressions of a larger whole, a divine being, unique but still one?

To Be Circular

What does it mean to be circular? It is whole, complete; stable yet dynamic; always in motion.  And what of a triangle? The flat base creates stability or tension depending on orientation. Triangles are also pointy, leading us toward a particular direction, dictating where we move. Size and angle of the triangle defines the pace of our journey. What do shapes signify to you?