Start with the Basics

How your body works; how to let your body work for you; how to breathe; how to relax; how to live with intention — essential health. Flexible muscles are not a pre-requisite. A flexible mind is.

Yoga heals and cleanses the body and mind in preparation for meditation.
Pilates heals and cleanses the body and mind in preparation for living.

Where the two practices meet is inside the breath. Intentional breathing integrates the body's movements and the nervous system. As the two unite, focus and clarity enter to the mind. The various parts of your body, of yourself, seem less disparate. They are part of a unified whole. Your mental concentration paired with your physical efforts lead you to a new place. 

This is where you discover something deeper — your subtle body. Within your subtle body lies your inner wisdom, your inner power and your inner voice. Here you live by your natural rhythms, thus overpowering those placed on you by external circumstances and habitual patterns of movement, thinking and behavior. 

Pilates sessions require an incredible amount of concentration and focus on detailed physical alignment, working toward flowing movement. You begin and end in an alert, fully integrated upright position. In a yoga session your concentration is on reflective stillness; any subsequent movement only serves to deepen this experience.