I am struck by geometry and the grid shapes are arranged into, especially in architecture. Looking at aerial views of city blocks based on a grid pattern, I wonder, if we are organized into a grid physically, how does this affect us mentally? Buildings are a collection of separate pieces fit together neatly into a large rectangle (double squares), which create a harmony and balance inside the composition. Does this repetitive vision create harmony and balance in the mind? Are we, like the grids we create, individual expressions of a larger whole, a divine being, unique but still one?

Art Evolves

There are no plans, only guesses. This is what is is to be creative; being in the guesswork, allowing the process to unfold the final product. The process is never truly final as no one will ever look at your creative piece the same. Our personal experience changes from moment to moment therefore altering our perception from moment to moment. Art evolves as we evolve.