What People Say About Working with Jen


“Jen is an enthralling teacher: she prepares every lesson with a clear path and purpose, and her warm, mellifluous voice gives you the confidence to follow it.”

Ashley Salisbury


“The word that comes to mind when I think about working with Jen is FOCUS, both in terms of the level of attention that Jen bring to our sessions, to my body, to how it's working on that day, and also in terms of the focus she is able to elicit from me during our session. When Jen is leading me or our group through a workout, my mind doesn’t wander, I’m not going over my to-do list for the rest of the day. Jen has taught me to be present. This is an art and a gift that I challenge myself to apply to other aspects of my life.”

Patty Howells


“I started Pilates with Jen about 6 months ago at the age of 76 after 6 years of regular yoga. Jen is skilled in both and the two approaches to fitness are related. I have found Jen to be a wonderful teacher both in class and working with me individually. Not only is she knowledgeable and skilled; she is very clear in her instructions about alignment, posture, and movement. She is patient and thorough in helping with the use of the equipment. Best of all, she is a really nice person!”

Steve Jenks


Passion and compassion for what you do.
So present with each of us.
You are and have a gift.
You nurture body, mind and spirt.”

Mary Allen


“I was beyond thrilled to receive Jen's mentorship and guidance while I went through my own Pilates Instructor training.  During my observation hours for my training program, I watched Jen work with a range of clients.  I admired how Jen's instruction sparked a type of learning in her students that went beyond a typical workout.  Clients focused on finding a calm presence and honing body-mind awareness. Watching Jen teach has inspired me; she has a strong foundation and skill set as a movement instructor and helps students understand how good Pilates and Yoga can feel in their own body. She also demonstrates an outstanding curiosity about the potential of the body as well as the human spirit. Jen never stops learning and deepening her own practice and she is generous in sharing what she discovers.

When I take class with Jen, she is consistently grounding, motivating, and kind.

Whether I'm having a private lesson on a Pilates reformer or taking one of her mat classes, Jen observes how I'm moving that day and helps to cue subtle adjustments in my body that make the Pilates exercises more enjoyable and beneficial. I love how Jen checks in with me at the beginning of each session and takes what I say into consideration. Sometimes my energy level might be low, or I may be working through an issue with a tight hamstring. However I arrive, Jen listens, and with her clear instruction, I always leave a session with a greater sense of purpose and with more openness in my body and mind.”

Phaelon O’Donnell


"Jen is one of the best teachers I've ever worked with. She is clear in her direction, engages with each of us personally, and inspires us to feel good in our bodies.  I've learned, as Jen puts it, to feel how good it feels to be strong. I particularly love that Jen integrates yoga and Pilates together. I feel lucky to have Jen in my life."

Julie Sullivan


"I have the great privilege of teaching alongside Jen at Springboard Pilates in Portland.  I’m also occasionally a very happy client and student when I get the chance to book a private lesson in her busy schedule. One of Jen’s greatest strengths as a teacher is her ability to quickly see what needs speaking to in each body before her; this can only come if the teacher first has a deep understanding of the exercise being taught.  Her nimble mind is always making connections between anatomy and movement, which results in clear, direct, useable cues that guide and enhance her clients’ understanding of how the Pilates method is strengthening and changing their bodies. Jen teaches complete beginners and more advanced bodies with equal skill.

On a more personal note, Jen is a dear friend. Her strength, unselfishness, creative spirit, curiosity, and humor never fail to inspire me. I always feel listened to in our conversations, and that, to me, is priceless." 

Cathryn Douglass


"In my eight years of taking Pilates, Jen is the best teacher I’ve had. I love the way she integrates her Yoga background, is attentive to my aging body’s changes, while still challenging me." 
Pat Taub


"I have been training with Jen for almost 3 years and continue to be amazed and inspired by her unlimited talent and passion for what she does.

She knows the human anatomy better than anyone and has the ability to hone in on your strengths and weaknesses before you’re even aware of them.

Jen makes each of our classes fun, inspiring and surprisingly different while following the Classic Pilates routines. I’m in awe of her teaching skills that continue to motivate and challenge me."
Linda Momborquette


"In our busy modern world there is so much need for grounding in our bodies, minds and spirits, and we are blessed to have a gifted and inspiring yoga and Pilates teacher like Jen Micoleau. She has a unique ability to blend both yoga and Pilates with her knowledge of human anatomy. Jen shares her wisdom of both movement practices and creates a physically challenging and creative class while being mindful of each students' particular needs. Her exacting alignment cues, thoughtfully themed classes and attentive presence has helped refine my practice. Jen's classes always challenge my body, mind and spirit. She is truly a gifted and unique teacher."




"Three times a week I drag my aging body to Springboard, a Pilates studio,
10 minutes on foot from my home. I’m indebted to Jen, my very expert instructor who keeps me as limber as one can hope for in her ‘70’s."


Pat Taub

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