Face Yoga

Face yoga can be done at any point through the practice, particularly while seated at the beginning or end.

Place one hand on chest just below collarbones and gently pull the tissue of the chest downward. The opposite hand is on the throat just below the chin and gently presses upward. A stretch may be felt along the front of the neck and throat. Ok to tilt head back and jut chin upward toward ceiling for deeper sensation.

Move hands to jaw bone. With a pincher grasp, both hands move along jawbone from center of chin to ears gently pressing fingers into tissue along the bone.

Move hands to bottom of eye socket just inside nose. Place index and middle fingers together at the bone itself. Starting at the inside of the eye and moving towards temples, gently apply pressure to the tissue along the bone. Continue applying pressure all around the eye paying particular attention to the top inside corner where you may experience sinus relief.

Rub fingers into temples and along tissue of the forehead.

Ears. Gently pull the lobes of the ear downward and outward while opening and closing the mouth and opening the eyes wide. Continue doing this while moving the fingers upward along the ear. Lastly, place fingers inside the ear and gently press forward on the ear flap. You may experience more clarity in your thinking along with release of neck, upper back and shoulder tension.