Ideas for a Home Practice with Lots of Hip Opening

These are not formal notes but if you're familiar with yoga they hopefully will make sense. I'll try and clean it up a bit and add audio soon. Stay tuned!

Adding to your Sun Salutations
> Mix in any arm variation to add chest expansion and shoulder opening
> Prayer Twist Chair pose with Gorilla pose between sides
> Reverse Crescent Lunge or Reverse Side Angle
> Prayer Twist in Crescent or Side Angle
> Triangle and Parsvottanasana for spinal length into Reverse Half Moon
> Rolling from Dog to Plank to Up Dog with Dristhi alternating from focused deep within (navel) to way up and back. Very long body. Very hollow belly. Stable wrist and elbow joints. 
> Shalabasana with strap or theraband between hands. Head of arm bones lift as high as hands. Graduate this into Bow pose for full chest/shoulder/belly/hip/thigh opening

Lunging Hip Openers
Dragon/Lunge series with thigh stretches
> Baby Dragon/Low Lunge with knee over ankle for calf and ankle stretch
> Winged Dragon with hip and knee opening to side, turning to outside edge of foot
> Add thigh stretch, shoulder opener and twist by bending back knee and reaching back for foot
> Hamstring stretch/Runner's Lunge for counter pose

Seated Hip Openers
> Square pose right leg as prep for Fire Log Legs. Move shins forward and parallel to front of mat. Move ankles under knees. Do not let ankles sickle.
> Fire Log Legs right leg
> Ardha Matsyendrasana Twist right leg
> Gomukhasana on knees with chest opener or eagle arms
> Gomukhasana seated between feet (can also do supine)

Thigh/Ankle/Top of Foot stretch and Backbend
>Half Saddle seated on front edge of foam roller. One knee bent and foot tucked under. Lean back on to forearms or lay down on foam roller. Ok to let knee be suspended.

Butterfly with Wrist stretches
> palms flat to floor in front of legs, fingers turn back to face body. Lean forward.
> back of hands tucked under arm pits, fingers point to back of room (sea gull arms)

Counter poses
> Hammock/Reverse Table. This is a chest and shoulder opener as well.
> Windshield wiper legs. Seated, leaning back on hands, knees bent, feet wide, dropping knees left and right

> Bridge
> Fish pose
> Waterfall pose. Like legs up the wall but with pelvis elevated on block
> Savasana