Pilates Yoga Class on Wunda Chair: Breath Powered Movement

Observe the breath. Notice where it is and where it isn't. Only allow the breath to open the springs. Use lighter weight to make it possible. Do not impose your mind onto your movement. The breath does it all. Get enough of you on the spring to make this possible.

Look for a hollowing out of the belly on each exhale. The same you would find in a forward fold (Uttanasana)

Standing Breath Observation. Stand into all four corners of the feet. Arms relaxed by the sides of the body. Gaze steadily forward across the tip of the nose. 

Half Sun Salutations
raising the arms over head ears between biceps. Press palms together above head. Look at the thumbs.
Exhale fold forward hands press flat to floor. Look into the naval.
Inhale lift head to look forward. Spine lengthens. Arms move towards straight.
Exhale fold more deeply into the self. Look into the naval.
Inhale roll the spine back to standing. Palms press together above head. Look at the thumbs.
Exhale the arms by the hips palms resting. Look out across the nose.

Adjust the valve on the breath to match the movement so that the movement ends as the breath completes.

1. Footwork

2. 100 on Chair

3. Counter Stretch: Roll Down seated on side of Chair with feet wide x2 or 3

4. Low Frog 2 Legs to find upper hamstring connection; no glutes.

5. Low Frog Knees Wide. Release hip flexors. Deepen thigh bone down and into the back of the hip joint.

6. Parsvottanasana with heart open. Add hands pulling towards body to deepen (3). Opens hamstrings and calves.

7. Standing Push Down from Behind

8. Kneeling Mermaid

9. Standing Push Down Front

10. Tricep Press

11. Deep Plie on Paddle Front

12. High Frog

13. Counter Stretch on Chair: Eagle Arms and Single Tricep Stretch. Repeat 2nd side.

14. Upside Down Pull Up Front x2

15. Swan on Floor

15. Spine Stretch Forward

16. Pike on Floor